LabWe had our new one year old black lab rescue, Clark, for about 2 months when I reached a point that I thought we may have to send him back. He would drag me and my 9 year old son down the street and into traffic during walks, would be constantly after other dogs without regard for us calling on him, jumping and pawing on guests (and us), bolting out the door as soon as we would open one, etc. I knew we had to put him through training, however I never really saw results in the cheaper “one size fits all” group training with my childhood dog where you basically hope for the best. That’s when I looked into one on one training. Off Leash K9 came in number one for me after my Google research and I’m infinitely glad that I made the choice to go with them. Howard, our trainer, was super friendly, knowledgeable, and accesible throughout the entire training period. From the very start when he called me to introduce himself and learn a bit about our situation and to schedule our first session, to calling me during the week between sessions to see how we were doing and offering personalized tips, to the end when he offered to be available by text or phone to answer any questions or concerns we might have, even beyond our 4 session training. He was also very accommodating with regards to where to meet for training, time, and day. Clark is a changed dog! Thank you Howard! All in all, this is the best way to go if you want real results (keeping in mind that you have to put in alot of the work in between sessions and after the formal training is over).

-Mike Marzol

These guys did a great job with my 7 month old pup Shadow. I can’t say enough good things. Shadow was very dominant and skittish around strangers. They took him for board and train and surpassed every single one of my expectations. Thanks guys, Shadow is doing great!

-Parth Patel

SullyThanks OFF LEASH and especially Mike for helping us transform our dog. Our lab mix Tango is a sweet girl but she was a bit insecure and unsocial. After few weeks of consistent work and training our dog is absolutely focused on us, even though she still has her moments but the improvement is huge and we are only looking forward to future changes. Btw owners need as much training as their dogs, and Mike walked us through all tricky situations. They were there when we needed them. Big thanks from us and Tango!

-Tanya Ni

I was desperate when I contacted Off Leash. Our English Bulldog, was aggressive and trying to run not only our family of dogs, but the entire household. Since Mike and Alex have turned her over, which was a couple of months ago, she is our Little Star! To say her behavior has improved is an understatement.

I believe now, that no dog wants to be bad, they want to be well behaved, but they and their owners need the experts to show us the way.

I interviewed two other trainers but they didn’t show the confidence, expertise or compassion that Off Leash has.

I can’t thank them enough!!!! You are all ROCKSTARS! Be proud of the work you do, because you are improving lives!!!!

-Toni Acocella

 Thank you, Howard Jenkins, for another valuable teachings and lessons! It’s greatly appreciated and we love seeing the progress with our Emma ! You rock!!!!!

-Andrea Smous

“Mike has helped our dog, Fenway, gain more self confidence. He is a pleasure to work with and an amazing instructor. The company is willing to with you in all ways. We cannot say enough good things about Mike and Off Leash. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.”

Karen Hofheimer

“We had an excellent experience and cannot recommend them more. The instant changes in our dog’s behavior were substantial, Howard really knows what he is doing!”

Toby Hubbard