Meet Rion:

He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2007 with a major in Criminal Justice and minor in Sociology. After graduating, Rion attended The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers, which is considered one of the top three accredited dog training schools in the nation. While attending, Rion developed and honed his skills and abilities in puppy development/imprinting (Working dogs/ Pet Dogs), Obedience (Practical/Competition), Agility, Detection, Protection, and Behavioral Modification. At the completion of the program, Rion graduated with High Honors due to finishing first in his class.

He then returned back to his hometown of Burlington, North Carolina to help as many dogs as he could. In the summer of 2008, Rion was featured in newspapers across the state as being an up and coming Trainer and Behaviorist due to his work with rescues.

In 2009, Rion became a Deputy Sheriff. He worked his way up the ladder from Detention Officer to Deputy Sheriff and then fulfilled his dream by being hand-picked to become the newest member of the K-9 unit.

In the fall of 2014, Rion ended his career in Law Enforcement and re-entered the dog community. He started working with well-known Rescue Groups such as Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love to which he helped evaluate shelter dogs and rehabilitate dogs in their care.

Meet Keely: 

Keely was born and raised in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. Determined at a young age to learn the particulars of dog training, Keely attended local dog classes where she found her desire for improving the relationship between a dog and their owner. After graduating Fort Lauderdale High and Broward College, Keely decided to pursue her passion as a dog trainer in Austin, Texas where she attended Starmark Academy. This gave her the opportunity to work with rescue dogs through various training techniques to help overcome certain issues. She dealt with behavior modifications, observed scenarios of different types of dog aggression, and helped fearful dogs work through their problems.

She was selected among 40 graduates to participate in Starmark’s three-month leadership program where she was able to study under her mentors, Jessy Gabriel and Rob Dunn, who are world-renowned IPO/Schutzhund instructors. Not only was this an opportunity for more hands-on experience with dogs, but it also allowed her to motivate new students, teach classes, and become a mentor herself.

She spent her last years in Texas working for Detection Services International under Gary Eaton. She was in charge of training and leading search teams on Oil Rigs all over Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Alabama, and Alaska.

Coming full circle, Keely is now back in Ft. Lauderdale working as a certified trainer for Off Leash K9 Training.

Meet Laura:

Whether you want your dog to learn basic manners, a cool new trick, or practical and desirable real-life behaviors, I am your dog trainer. I have been working with animals for over twenty years, and with dogs and their people for over ten. I am also lucky enough to have built a strong support system with peers I can consult just in case. With a background in biology and chemistry, and a focus in pre-veterinary medicine I know and understand the value of science-based dog training and change in canine behavior. Also, and from a more personal stance, I enjoy and take pride in continuing my education and in helping people form closer relationships with their dogs. Like a lot of other pet dog professionals, I started off as a dog walker, groomer, pet sitter, veterinary technician, adoption and rescue specialist, and animal lover. Having been almost born into it though, I was exposed to service dog training at a very young age and that is one of the things which might set me apart. Ever since then everyone but me knew that I was going to end up working with people and their dogs. Growing up, we moved around a lot and that made me strong, adaptable, and social. I am my happiest with people and dogs, and I have found meaning in life in my profession. For all your canine wants and needs, please do not hesitate to ask for me.