Meet Our Trainers:

Meet Keely: 

Keely was born and raised in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. Determined at a young age to learn the particulars of dog training, Keely attended local dog classes where she found her desire for improving the relationship between a dog and their owner. After graduating Fort Lauderdale High and Broward College, Keely decided to pursue her passion as a dog trainer in Austin, Texas where she attended Starmark Academy. This gave her the opportunity to work with rescue dogs through various training techniques to help overcome certain issues. She dealt with behavior modifications, observed scenarios of different types of dog aggression, and helped fearful dogs work through their problems.

She was selected among 40 graduates to participate in Starmark’s three-month leadership program where she was able study under her mentors, Jessy Gabriel and Rob Dunn, who are world-renowned IPO/Schutzhund instructors. Not only was this an opportunity for more hands on experience with dogs, it allowed her to motivate new students, teach classes, and become a mentor herself.

She spent her last years in Texas working for Detection Services International under Gary Eaton. She was in charge of training and leading search teams on Oil Rigs all over Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Alabama and Alaska.

Coming full circle, Keely is now back in Ft. Lauderdale working as a certified trainer for Off Leash K9 Training.

Meet Courtney:

Courtney is one of our beloved trainers of the South Florida Team. She resides and trains within the Dade County district. Courtney moved to the Miami area in 2015 after getting married to her husband; Carlos. Her hometown full of family and friends is back in Ontario, Canada. Ever since she was born, there was always a furry sibling in the house. As a toddler she was inseparable from her Jack Russell Terrier named Kelly.  They grew old together and at 16 Kelly was ready to say goodbye.  Courtney was heartbroken but after visiting the shelter and seeing all the animals in need, she took it upon herself to do everything she could. From cleaning, walks, fundraising, all the way into training. Courtney worked hand in hand with other trainers using different methods, which only made her more curious about the field of dog training. She began to attend events near and far and would rush to finish her homework so that she could have more time for dogs. Her passion has and will be real when it comes to dogs.  Now living in the heart of Miami-Dade County, she has a rescue pup of her own. She continues on her learning adventure both within the dog spectrum as well as with studies in the medical field. She takes pride in having her clients lead new lives where they feel in control when they bring their dog into the everyday chaos we call our lives and watching her clients now enjoy their time with their furry companions to the fullest!